Happy Valentine’s Day from Luxe & Whimsy! We love this time of year simply because it’s a fun time to give to those who are special to us. Valentine's Day is especially popular among lovers and admirers, luckily, we have gift boxes for all types of connections because we know that all love is worth celebrating!  
Check out our latest Valentine's designs and get inspired to give a one-of-a-kind gift to your special someone. Our Valentine’s gifts are carefully prepared with unique products just for your loved-ones, friends, family and (a personal favorite of ours) galentines! We can send your curated gift box directly to your recipient whomever that might be. And we will include a beautiful hand-written note for that extra special touch. 
Gift Boxes for Valentine's Day
A custom gift from Luxe & Whimsy is a clever way to include the galentines and besties in your life. Either a predesigned gift box or a box that has been designed by you tells the leading ladies in your life that you are thinking of them on Valentine’s Day! Because where would we be without our best gals?!
Gifts for Galentines
Whether you wish to send your unique Valentine gift box to one or many, we will make that process very easy to do. We think a customizable gift box is the best way to uplift and inspire those who are very special to us. This kind of thoughtfulness truly comes from a place of love. That is what Valentine’s Day is all about, after all.