New Year, New Gift!

Want to know what can really set you apart from classic holiday gifting? Start the new year with a unique gift perfectly designed for your clients or employees. Giving a gift at the start of the year is not only unexpected, but it can leave a lasting memory. Send a special thank you to those who give you their very best all throughout the year. Luxe & Whimsy can customize a gift box for your clients or employees that will make that message loud and clear!
Corporate Client Gift Boxes
The new year brings on new resolutions for so many. We are excited to offer customizable gift boxes with the most popular resolutions in mind. From health focused products that nurture the physical well-being to products like books and journals that encourage a more relaxing side of self-care, you can truly make an impression that will be hard to beat. 
Corporate Gift Boxes
We also offer the option to build your own gift box so you can choose products that are a true reflection of your business. You can choose products, colors and textures that make your gift notable and we will package it to perfection and send it directly to your recipients.  
Employee Gift Boxes
So let us help you with your New Years gifting! And if custom gift boxes for your clients or employees becomes a new year's resolution for you, then contact us at