Labor Day: Corporate Gifting to Celebrate Your Employees and Co-Workers

So often, Labor Day is seen as summer’s last hurrah. It seems to mark the time of year when vacation has ended, school has begun, and families attempt to get back to their regular programming, as it were. 

Corporate Gift Boxes

While Labor Day stands as the perfect segway into the next season of school and work, it’s important that we also use this holiday to recognize its true meaning: a celebration of the tireless efforts and triumphs of the American worker!  

Custom Gift Boxes for Clients

Luxe & Whimsy wants to help put together customizable corporate giftboxes for your employees and co-workers because they deserve to be celebrated on Labor Day! We are the experts in gifting, especially when our clients want a gift that goes beyond the typical employee swag gift. We can work with you to provide you with a giftbox that represents your company and your brand.  

Gift Box for Clients

Our studio is equipped to fulfill orders ranging from just a few gifts to a bulk order of thousands of giftboxes for your employees. We can use your company brands, colors, and vision to create a gift that connects you with your employees and shows them that they are appreciated for what they do.  

Gift for Clients

Luxe & Whimsy is prepared to ship directly to your clients anywhere in the U.S. We are proud to have the opportunity to make a day like Labor Day easy to give back to those that take pride in their work. Let us show you how easy celebrating your employees through corporate gifting can be! Connect with us at