Birthday Gift Box

Luxe & Whimsy is turning three and we are thrilled to see what this year has in store for us! Three years of creating with you, designing with you, and gifting with you have brought the most fulfilling and rewarding moments we could have ever hoped for. Whether it was sending your loved-one one of our beautifully predesigned gift boxes or sending your company thousands of curated gifts, it has been an honor to be a part of this awesome journey. And we want to keep making custom gifting easy for you to do no matter the occasion or the time of year because we love to celebrate! 

Gift Box Company

In these three years, we have seen a lot of growth and change here at Luxe & Whimsy as we continue to keep you connected to family, friends, employees and clients through gifting. Knowing that we have been able to supply each customer with gifts that they can be proud of has been a great accomplishment. For us, presentation is everything and it’s all in the detail, like sending your gifts with a handwritten note inside, or sourcing only the best local products for your favorite Nashville boxes. Details like these are a big reason why we have been able to grow and continue to provide you with gifts that will set you apart from the norm.  

Bachelorette Gift Bags

We are excited for what is to come this year for Luxe & Whimsy! We are especially looking forward to providing you with more opportunities to continue to give and create customizable gift boxes. Our greatest gift is you! And we can’t wait to hear about your next project so that we can keep creating with you. Thank you for celebrating with us and for making Luxe & Whimsy’s birthday a happy one.  

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