Gifting Your New Employees is Good Business

Luxe & Whimsy has the products, the space, and the ability to make gifting the newest members of your team practical and worthwhile. We love getting to help companies create giftboxes that are unique to their brand, elevate moral, and leave lasting impressions. When it comes to gifting new employees, it’s just good business. Let Luxe & Whimsy go to work for you to make your giftboxes specific to your company and the culture surrounding it! 

Custom Gift Boxes for Weddings

Small gifts make huge impressions. We can all relate to the feeling of receiving a gift that wasn’t really expected. It feels good! Luckily, when we are customizing your giftbox for you, you’re giving more than just the typical company swag gifts. Your new employees will receive their giftboxes and know that extra time and effort was put into making them feel welcomed, and that’s a big deal! 

Gift Box for Corporate Clients

Being a new employee can feel an awful lot like being the “new kid” in school. It’s exciting, it’s new, but there’s a lot to learn and it can be overwhelming. Gifting your new employees takes them from that “new kid on the block” feeling to actually feeling like they’re a part of team. This kind of gift says, “you belong here”. And what a good feeling that is.  

Corporate Gifts for Clients

Sending customized giftboxes to your new team members and staff leaves a positive impact on your brand! Many major companies have achieved their success, in part, by treating their employees well. What better time to begin a strong employer/employee bond than during the new hire stage? A new gift for a new employee is an encouraging gesture that can help solidify the fact that they’ve made the right decision by choosing to work for you!  

Nashville Themed Gift Box

What do you want your company’s welcome gift to look like for your newest employees? We are excited to get you started! Contact us at