Virtual Events are here to stay and we're here to help!

We've been designing custom corporate gift boxes way before virtual events were a thing! 

Here are our top 3 tips for successful virtual gifting:

Tip #1 - Step Up Your Swag Game:
We've all received the typical run-of-the-mill swag, you know the type - branded pens, mugs and boring items with your logo slapped onto it. If your hosting a virtual event you'll definitely want to up your swag game. Create some excitement for your attendees by including branded items that people actually want to keep and use! Quality branded notebooks, tech items, insulated coffee cups for long virtual work sessions - these are all great options to incorporate your branding on useful at-home items. 
Virtual Event Gift Box


Tip #2 - Make it Fun:
If you want to keep your attendees engaged you'll want to include something fun in your custom virtual event gifts. Maybe you want to use products or inserts that make people want to share their gift on social media. Maybe you want to go with a gifting theme or color specific tumblers for teamed events or a calculator for quick thinking games and competitions. Maybe you want to include a zoom bingo card or a "t-shirt uniform" or a guide for desk yoga. Keep your corporate gift box items fun and useful!
Corporate Gift Box


Tip #3 - Stay Connected:

We can help you send the gift boxes ahead of time to stir up some eagerness and excitement for the big event! Sending a well thought out gift box is a great way to make everyone feel connected while at home. If employees receive a curated gift box that feels like a tangible piece of the event, they will feel valued and appreciated and ready for productive virtual work sessions. You won't regret it!

corporate gift for employees


Ready to stir up some excitement with a custom corporate gift box? Ready to increase engagement and take your virtual event gifts to the next level? We'd love to help! Fill out our contact form or send us an email to get started -