Gift Boxes for Your Bridesmaids: A Perfect Thank You

For the newly engaged couple, there is always a long checklist of announcements, wedding parties, venues and so on. The good news is Luxe & Whimsy can take care of one of the most treasured points on that list: gifting your bridesmaids! We can help you take this fun, popular tradition to the next level by offering curated gift boxes specifically designed with your big day in mind. 

Cheerful Gift Box


The ones that you’ve chosen to stand beside you on your wedding day have always been standing with you when it counts.

Luxe & Whimsy is delighted to provide a meaningful bridesmaid gift for the closest of friends!  

Spa Themed Gift Box


While a pair of slippers or a makeup bag are fun ideas for your bridesmaids, imagine letting your customizable gift box represent your own specific relationship with them. Maybe you all share an inside joke or a beautiful memory that can be displayed through a gift like this.  

Bridesmaid Gift Box


Your bridesmaids will know that you put thought and distinct effort into their gift boxes specially made just for them. The experience of simply giving to a group of people so dear to you will be a memory that you will always cherish and that’s what makes this the best part of your wedding checklist. Congratulations to the happy couple and the happiest bridesmaids!  

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