Corporate Gifting: Let Luxe & Whimsy Help You Shine!

corporate gift boxes

Why put off until tomorrow what Luxe & Whimsy can do for you today? We are here to handle the ins and outs of gifting for your employees, clients, and guests. We have raised the bar on corporate gifting and pride ourselves on our ability continuously meet the expectations of gift giving in the corporate setting. Let us show you why Luxe & Whimsy is your go-to source for all of your gifting needs.

custom corporate gifts

In the corporate setting, time is money; that is the name of the game. And whether you are hoping to create a couple gifts or a couple thousand gifts, Luxe & Whimsy can take the time to package them for you. Outsourcing your gifting needs will free you from the tasks of having to order boxes, inventory, ribbon, etc. There will be no need to reserve your valuable space to use as a packaging facility. We are fully prepared with every item you may require, and we have the packaging space to quickly fulfill even large-scale orders.

It's important to us that we make sure your brand looks amazing. We can beautifully showcase your branded products in each giftbox and complete its look with a custom company tag. If you are not exactly sure about what you want to include or how you want your gift boxes packaged, we can help you create the perfect look for your gifts!

Don’t forget, we specialize in drop shipment and fulfillment. No matter where your recipient(s) may be, Luxe & Whimsy can ship directly to them anywhere in the US. We can help you connect with your clients and employees in a very thoughtful way. Let us do the gifting for you. It’s our specialty!


Corporate Gifting


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