custom press kits

Every now and then the cosmic stars align for a custom gift design project to come together in a way that is every bit creative and inspiring, such is the case with this one. The client's objective here was to assemble custom press kits to send out to music/entertainment industry VIPs to promote Brett Eldredge's album, "Sunday Drive."  

press kits Brett Eldredge

To deliver, we needed to think outside of the box for this one because we knew a regular gift box wasn't going to cut it. So, what goes better with a vinyl record and soul-seeking products than an awesome vintage suitcase to tie it all together?! These keepsake suitcases made the perfect "gift box" with brass locks and a leather handle for an authentic antique-feel. Then, every gift was topped with a vinyl record of "Sunday Drive". 

custom corporate gifts

The result: This press kit outreach was a HUGE success! Warner Music Group received incredible feedback on these custom gifts and the gift recipients received the ultimate "Sunday Drive" experience, Brett Eldredge style.

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