Back to School: Gift a Teacher with Luxe & Whimsy

Teacher Gift Box

School is back, and that means it’s time for back-to-school shopping! As parents, we know what goes into gathering up all of the necessary school supplies, school clothes, classroom needs and everything in between. It can be hard work but it’s all in good effort to support growing minds. And no one understands the needs of a classroom more than TEACHERS! 

Gift Box for Teacher

Teachers are the cornerstone of our children’s education and growth. Each year, many teachers sacrifice so much of themselves for the betterment of the kids in their schools and classrooms. It’s for these reasons and more that many parents find themselves wanting to include teachers on their back-to-school lists! Parents who want to say, “We see your hard work and we appreciate you!” Luxe & Whimsy wants to remind parents that we have gifts for your teachers that they will not only appreciate, but gifts they will always remember.  

Teacher Gift Boxes


Our gift boxes are filled with products that are locally sourced from many small businesses who have made their best items available to us. Check out our predesigned giftboxes and our build-your-own giftbox options to find all of these top-notch products that your child’s teacher will enjoy. We think the best part about gifting your teacher a giftbox from Luxe & Whimsy is that it’s something that’s just for them, not for the classroom, not for the school or even their sweet kiddos. It’s a gift that was designed with just them in mind. Creating impressive gifts that make people feel appreciated is kind of our specialty. Do you want to gift a teacher through Luxe & Whimsy? We can’t wait to hear from you at