Client Gifts

At Luxe & Whimsy we strive to elevate the gift giving experience by curating gifts that showcase top-notch presentation and premium products. Starting with the initial gift design concept through execution and delivery, we provide a stress-free experience for all of our corporate clients when they are gifting for marketing campaigns, clients, employees, product launches, holiday gifts and more. 

Here are our top 5 tips for successful corporate gifting:

Tip #1: Design Around a Concept: The key to creating a gift that feels modern and effective is coming up with a design concept.  Take time to discover what your gifting goals are. Is there a theme? Do you want to incorporate branded items? Is there a specific brand message or a call to action? When a corporate gift is creative, a well executed design concept it can go beyond the idea of just sending a nice gift, it can be effective and you can see successful return for your business. 

Employee Holiday Gifts

Tip #2: Find the Right Products: Product sourcing should be fun and it’s a great opportunity to get creative! We are always looking for high quality products we can use that are both unique and useful. People like to receive a gift that they will actually keep and use so we try to stay away from the same old run of the mill branded swag. Instead, we find new ways to incorporate branded items and company colors in a way that is subtle yet still makes an impact.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Tip #3: Presentation is Everything: When the time comes to assemble your gifts, remember that presentation is everything! Gifts should be assembled with the absolute highest level of attention to detail. Every gift should be assembled to perfection before heading out the door. The beauty is in the details!

Employee Gift Boxes

Tip #4: Stand Out with the Timing of Your Gifts: Most corporate companies choose to send client and employee gifts out around the holidays. While this is totally acceptable, consider sending your gifts at a different time of year, or for a different holiday, if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Client Gifts

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